Potential sources of errors in students’ research project topics

The secret to a good research is choosing a great research project topic, having in-depth knowledge of what it entails and requires to accomplish it. However, too many undergraduate projects have gone wrong simply because of an unmentioned error in the research project topics. So here is to identify potential sources of errors in students’ research project topics, citing how to avoid them very quickly.

Use of inappropriate diction/language

Lack of clarity resulting from the use of inappropriate diction and languages in a project topic can get your research really messy, you know. Words as used in researches are operational and so it must be carefully chosen to mean exactly the same as the researcher intends.

Lack of Research information

Detailed information is key to formulating a good project topic. Knowing first hand the purpose of your research, the main objectives of the research as well as the systematic strategies required to bring the research to conclusion is necessary to formulating a great research topic.

No adequate plans

If you take time to plan for your research project, chances are that you will start with a thoughtful topic otherwise, you could end up with a leftover.

Lack of understanding of topic chosen

In my project defence panel years back, my colleague was asked to re-do her project.  Reason being that the research she had conducted does not match the topic she had chosen. Meaning that she simply lacks understanding of what her project topic actually requires, she probably had to cut corners. I hope you don’t repeat such mistake.

Use of complex diction or words

Research trials in simplicity; using complex words in the topic will only complicate issues rather than solve it. Big words have a way of meaning differently. It’s better to use simple words that means one thing and if ever complex words should come in, it should be defined.

Choosing a topic that costs more

As undergraduate, there are research topics you shouldn’t dare to undertake yet. It could cost you much time, much money and much more resources than you can afford. Your research may become incomplete and gets really tough along the line when you realize you couldn’t afford to. Always choose topics that are achievable at the undergraduate research level.

Other potential sources of errors may include:-

  • Failure to delimit the topic

  • Inability to identify qualities of good research topics

  • Choosing a topic you have no interest in

  • Lack of research purpose and objective

  • Wrong research variables

  • Mistake in the topic

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