those who pretend to love this nation more than the rest of us show by their words even, the falsehood of their claims. prevaricate as he might waku cannot hide his very contempt for the nationhood of nigeria. so the president is behind boko haram? first it was sanusi telling us that the north is short-changed in the allocation of resources, then the ACF started acting as the mouthpiece of boko haram. now that waku has bared it all, need we ask again as to the drummer beating the gongs of hate and violence?

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It is now clear to all and sundry that Boko Haram is the militant wing of ACF hence it has become its mouth piece.  It is like the little oil discovered in Niger has emboldened the North hence they have started making some irrational demands and unprovoked statements.  If they are tired of this unholy marriage called Nigeria, they are at liberty to make a bold move, the move we all have been waiting for all these years.  Perhaps now is the right time.


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