Post-Election Riots: God is still at work in Nigeria.

It has become clear that some people will never learn the right lessons even when the signs are so clear. From the regrettable death of Yar'Adua, the PDP primaries and the current presidential election, it is apparent to any discerning mind that God is at work in Nigeria. While we all hoped to see millions of protest votes against the PDP, Nigerians from the North to South, East to West, rallied around one man. The results of this election defiled several ethnic, tribal, party and religious sentiments.


And yet, those who could not win through the ballots, have resorted to unprovoked violence. This is highly despicable given that we just had the freest and fairest elections in this country perhaps, since 1993. However, no matter the riots and violence, God is not finished yet with Nigeria. He still uses the weak to confound the strong...the foolish to shame the wise. And lest i forget, there can never be anything bad about GOODLUCK. God bless Nigeria.

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What is so disturbing is that it is those who promised to stamp out corruption from the country that are behind this unfortunate incident.  I hope Buhari understands that this is the last time he will come out to constest for any election in the country.  He does not deserve to be a leader.

True talk my brother


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