NATO has made it clear that it is not leaving Libya until there is clear indication that peace has returned to the country that has been tormented by the self imposed dictator for over forty years. For clarity of expression; NATO is an acronyms for North Atlantic Treaty Organization, that is, the association of developed countries in The West especially The Capitalists. It's only rival organization of The Eastern Socialist movement [Warsaw Pact] crumbled with The Soviet Union in the 80s.

   This association never gives you something without collecting something from you. The clear indication that they were interested in Libyan oil than liberating them from animal called man in the person of Gaddaffi has started manifesting; capitalists are business minded anytime and anyday. I just hope they are not going to turn our dear Libya to IRAQ!

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Am not supprise about their declaration. Just yesterday, some so called friends of libya (about 60 nations) met in libya to chart a way forward for the NTC in the post Gadaffi libya. They all promised to release libyan money siezed during the rebellon, which is good but their interest is more on who gets what from providing security to reconstruction of the new libya. What a way of returning the stollen billions, robbing Peter to pay Paul!


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