Post Electtion Riots Wont Reverse or Neutralize Anything

A lot of hot air and ink have been expended on the discussion of post election violence of the April 16 Presidential polls.

In as much as we had yearned for such a peaceful, seemingly transparent, seemingly free, seemingly fair and credible election over the past decades, that does not warrant us to take laws into our hands when we are aggrieved by the outcome. These riots escalated by the northerners have shown a high level of democratic immaturity and low level of civilization on their part in today where almost every geographic location on the earth surface has become part of the global village.

What they could have done was to gather themselves and hire able and competent legal team to fight against the PDP and their stupid "machineries", and not Dr. Jonathan or Prof. Jega because they may not have been aware of what transpired in those states. I was not there and I cannot attest to anything apart from giving a fair analysis of the situation as I have observed. Be that as it may, the PDP/INEC in those states may have vetted the results at the collation centres in favour of anyone. That’s why it took Prof. Jega a reasonable length of time before he could reconcile some of the figures at the Electoral Institute. That may also be the reason the total Polling Unit results may have differed from what had been announced by the returning officers in the April 9 NASS elections. Why should this happen? These people have blind folded us by conducting a transparent balloting and casting of votes, but collation became a mere conclave of reprobates. And then, there would be tension, but on the morning after, the loser wins.

However, irrespective of what I have written in the preceding paragraphs, I believe Dr. Jonathan and Prof. Jega are innocent. They did their best. Because Dr. Jonathan, the incumbent President gave all political parties a level playing ground by not unnecessarily influencing the electoral umpire, INEC. This alone posed a heavy momentum in the media world and had become Dr. Jonathan’s campaign tool. Many voted Dr. Jonathan not the PDP; some people understood that it was a legal requirement for a candidate to be sponsored by a political party. Therefore, Dr. Jonathan could have still won decisively; the declaration as we saw was a mere formality. But some few poor, ignorant religious extremists thought that Gen. Buhari should have won. I even believe that there would have still been this kind of riots still in the north if Mallam Ribadu was announced the winner. We all have a human understanding that no reasonable person would accept that he is a poor person in the public without any objection, so too in failure. The opposition parties would still have rejected the results that possibly would and will end up in a legal oblivion.

Dear readers, I wish to digress. Thanks for reading the comment.

Nnanake Offiong


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In situations like this, its wrong for you to use mere speculations and heresay to make judgements.This election was free and fair.You can never ever  have a more credible election in Nigeria than the one we are having presently.Its idiotic and egoistic for Northern leaders to always think that they are more in number than the south south,south east,south west and middle belt put together. And that they will always win any election with thier block votes. This arrogant Northern leaders know that the election was free and fair but what is annoying them is that a poor boy from the south south won the presidential election in Nigeria.They are still in shock.Come to think of it,is Buhari a better product to market than GEJ? I HATE PDP BUT I VOTED FOR GEJ. HE WAS THE BEST PRODUCT AND HE WAS HUMBLE, INTELLIGENT AND NATURAL. I AM TIRED OF ALL THESE NOTHERN NONESENCE IN NIGERIA. WE ALL BELONG TO NIGERIA. ITS NOT FOR A PARTICULAR PEOPLE.

It won't change anything rather it only shows how intolerable our Northern brothers are and brings to question their belief in the oneness and  unity of this country.
Well, in conventional situation am not supposed to comment again but may I add; thanks for the comments, I have noted your points.


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