It's obvious that the sect of the day (Boko Haram) has become a thorn in the flesh of the Government and the entire populace. I equally learnt that they bosted they'd bring the govt to her knees. That's rubbish!!!!!!! I'd say the govt is taking everything soft on them. First, Let all nothern states be taken over by the millitary. Let all the nothern Governors be sent off throne for the while. By so doing, they themselves will fast-search for the solution and do anything humanly possible within their reach to fetch the members of the notorious sect and even their sponsors in other to restore their throne. Secondly, a huge amount of money has been budgeted for security but at the end of the day, one'll discover that up to 60% of the money has been used to buy Hilux vehicles for the cops. That's a more serious non-sence. Let most major govt offices be equiped with very sensitive security gadgets that are capable of detecting explosives and controlled by security experts. Let some some part of the money be used in sponsoring security experts from abroad to coach and train our own local detectives. Finally, I think Nigeria should also seek security advises from countries that are doing better in the area of security. Bravo!!!!!!!!

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You have made a valid point my dear but such an action will whip up sentiments and will certainly be seen be interpreted from the ethnic point of view.  However, now that our security forces have started arresting their figure heads, the end of the group is in sight.


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