Possible options to consider for choosing a project topic

Conducting a research on a chosen project topic is not what every student must do; it’s what they have to do in partial fulfilment of a course of study. However there are many choices to be made in this regard including the choice of topic to research on, which area to anchor the project and from what angle to project the research. But with this article, you will get to mind-shop specifically from possible options available to consider while projecting project topics.

What is a project?

A project is an in-depth study of an issue relevant to the field in which you are studying. A project is a research and that makes it different from your regular classwork and group assignments. In a research project, undergraduates are expected to gather data and analyse them so as to contribute something new to academic and practical knowledge. It is expected that student’s should more or less, table something that cannot be randomly learnt from mere reading a text book and some other published literature.

Options to consider for a project topic

So below are possible options you can consider which choosing a project topic for research



You can choose to analyse existing data set in a bid to test a hypothesis or to answer some pressing research questions.


You can also consider the implementation of programmes in the key development areas by evaluating the possibilities and prospects.

Critical and systematic review

Or you can decide to critically review something of necessity; say the effectiveness of programme, a policy, a strategy, values by systematically reviewing the subject matter while also bringing in a constructive review.

Case study

Case study is yet another option for research. It’s limited in data gathering and better adopted for a small scale research. But the good news is that case studies are more likely to conduct research from data collected from original sources. The research keeps to studying just a singular case with in-depth data evaluation.

These are not all, ofcourse there are more. However, your attention needs to drawn to the fact that some of these anchor research terms like, Design and implementation,  evaluation, critical analysis, coverage etc. Are many a-times exclusive to some fields of study as it best describes what they can actually research on in that field.

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