What is your reaction to the posponement of d elections till monday?

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Prof Jega and his Oliver Twist kind of INEC has lost all its organizational compass. To expect something credible from this election is equal to building a castle in the air. Its unthinkable that all the noise and compliments that was heaped on appointment of Jega and the billions he got for this elections,. all that Nigerians are getting is postponement and excuses. This is a shame,..

spyrate said:
The postponment in one hand is a desgrace, But in the other hand is not rave.....jega did rigth by posponing the paliamentory election. That shows boldness and courage in him.also prof atihiru jega might not want the election a hampard one since the result shite arived late by 9:am an will definitly be quite difficult to be spread out to the whole federation.....life,time,money and many more has been lost...only one thing can vindicet INEC....if only the election become free and fair....unless, heaven help him.

chris Ndu said:
INEC and its leadership are incompetent,Who would have thought that after all the billions they collected we will be hearing things like this.Let's hope it is not another ploy to manipulate votes,I hope it will be conducted in free and fair.Just that I'm disappointed.


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