Positive habits students should imbibe after undertaking their undergraduate project research

Undergraduate research is undertaken by students in partial fulfillment of their academic programs in school; but that is only one of the many reasons students are almost mandated to take on academic projects from the point of picking undergraduate project topics till the project defense. Allow me to clear your doubts if actually your attention has been drawn to this fact already.

Let’s establish here that undergraduates, if not directly, are indirectly made to imbibe a number of positive habits at the end of their research project as undergraduates. While this article will ensure to point out these positive habit, it will also ensure to identify how these habit actually come to bare.

Some of these positive habits students could imbibe include the following:


Undergraduates are indirectly taught to persevere and persist when they present a research paper they took a whole lot of time to prepare to their research supervisor and end up getting a ‘go and re-do’ sort of remark. Nothing pains most then having your paper crossed with a red pen without pointing out where you actually got it wrong.  

Time consciousness

During their undergraduate research project, students are made to work with time. How is that achieved? A time frame is slated for students to make their research following strict directions and   academic research as stipulated by their institutions. From my experience, these timing is maintained except otherwise stated.

That’s one, the second state of time management testing is in the project defense. Research papers are presented following strict timing given to them in the project defense panel.

Team spirit

A team spirit is kindled when undergraduates seek opinions, suggestions and ideas from their counterparts and lecturers to ensure that they make the best of research decisions during their undergraduate project.

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