A U.S. based company is coming to Nigeria  soon, needs independent sales representatives here in Nigeria.

As an Independent sales representative, you can work part-time while you keep another job or do something else, as long as you continue to promote the company's product and turn in good results you'll earn well.

Payment based on commissions and bonuses but there is great room for growth with the company.

Once the company officially comes to Nigeria, they'll have an office in Lagos where you can get orders for people.

You'll be provided with great support to ensure you turn in good sales and earn well with the company.

I am always looking for extra ways to earn extra income. And I think this is a very great way for those looking for a job, those working looking to supplement their income and business owners to create good extra income. Fortunately there's no limit to the number of people they're looking for since payment is based on commission.

And I must add that their product is a very great health product, with lots of award and I'm sure it will be easy to market. So it's a great opportunity.

I have applied for the position, and I'm getting great support from the company already (I get different helpful tips in my email on how to grow with their company) even while they've not officially open. That's why I thought to share it here, to give others opportunity with this company.

You can read more about the company and fill the application form here.

All the best

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