Political 'Rascalism' as Gov. Obiano Orders the arrest of Umueri Youths.

Gov. Willie Obiano in conjunction with his Aguleri Community have ordered the police to arrest Umueri youths over the disputed land issue between Umueri and Aguleri.
It will be recalled that there was a little fracas between the two communities over land issues of which governor Obiano's younger brother, Mr. Everest Obiano have already erected a shop in a part of land under dispute and mobilize their boys to shoot at Umueri youths who came to inquire why they Aguleri people are building on it.
Today the governor have ordered police to arrest vibrant and outspoken Umueri youths, in other to suppress Umueri community. Information gathered has it that those penciled for the arrest includes men who are vocal voice of the opposition in Anambra Local Government.
According to a reliable source from the home town of the Governor, who pleaded for anonymity, Obiano has compiled list of the persons they wanted to arrest, and these include leading light of the opposition in the Neighboring village, in a flimsy excuse that they were those that engaged in the minor community strife. The fears in the neighboring Umueri Community is that those men if arrested would be killed in cold blood, going by rumors that's rife in the two communities.
At the time of writing the news, those mentioned in the list are now on the run as the Police suspected to be from SARS Office has laid siege in the community, in hunt for the supposedly key members of the opposition.
A woman in Otuocha had her house busted by the supposedly SARS in search of her grown up Son. A Neighbor of the woman when confronted says
"We are told the Governor sent them" He said with all certainty. "Everyone in Umueri now lives in fear of Aguleri, because of the news we heard that the Governor has vowed to deal decisively with our people"
Please help and share until federal government and the entire country hears the plight of Umueri youths.

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