dear nigerians at times i wonder the kind of life we are living.dont get me wrong i mean our politicians has started fooling us again with thier emty promises.they go about campaining making life more misreable for low class of people like us by leading them into political descrimination and currupt them with money.well you and i know's election dosent hold in this country my question is why? My friends let us put an end to this,together we can make nigeria strong big and reliable.pls i need a job i have o level certificate.god bless u as u help me.+2348063733285

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This caption is wrong but be it as it may, the policians are playing the game they know best how to play. It is left for you and me to tell them we have had enough of their intrigues.  Money taken from a politician is conscience mortgaged.
Its a good thing you now know they have started folling us again, so reject their empty promises and vote for those whom you think is sincere.


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