Do you wish to contest for the 2014/15 General Elections either as a Councillor, House of Assembly Member, Chairman of LGA, House of Representative Member, Senator, Governor or President? Or do you have a friend or relative with ambitions for any electoral position? Political parties and aspirants; you can now use SMS to reach millions of Nigerians for your party events, campaigns, meetings etc. Let you message reach millions of Nigerians today and avoid wastage arising from posters, billboards that could be easily destroyed, TV adverts or radio jingles that will never be seen or heard by the people in your constituency.

Why use SMS?

 Why not use Radio, TV or Newspaper for my advertisement?

Do you know that?

  * Over 30 million Nigerian mobile phone users have seen sms adverts on their phones.

  * Over 26% responded by sending a SMS message back, the most popular ad response.

  * Over 51% recalled seeing an SMS advert in the past 30 days and say they responded in some way, according to our recent research.

 * Over 1 billion SMS messages are sent by Nigerians per Year?



Text Messages have a 96% read rate. 

 Current statistics:

2% of Nigerians read newspapers daily

15% of Nigerians watch TV daily

25% of Nigerians use the internet daily

30% of Nigerians listen to radio daily

80% of Nigerians use GSM phone daily.


What is the response like when I advertise by SMS?

If you intend to use sms for your political campaign, you can be rest assured that your campaign messages will reach all corners of the Country, State, Constituency or Local Govt Area. The response is always very huge if you have a good product or services ( POLITICAL CAMPAIGNS ). You can be rest assured to get your messages delivered and get a response of 100%.This is possible as we can provide fresh, active and verifiable gsm numbers of all the major network providers. How can you broadcast your message?


Currently we have over 120million GSM phone numbers(NCC FIGURES) and counting in our database and our list keeps growing every minute of everyday. Our list covers GSM phone numbers from every State and LGA throughout Nigeria. So you can be rest assured whatever message you are passing through will be received from all over the country instantly.  VISIT OR CALL 0818 288 7781

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