Why is chattin with a person for the first time always difficult especially for nigerians?. I hear questions like "WHO ARE", "HOW DID U COME ACROSS MY NAME", "DO I KNOW YOU FROM ANYWHERE"......................ETC.How can we overcome this ?

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Most Nigerians always afraid even to their shadow, they believe the next person they met is more dangerious
Chatting with a person for the first time is not difficult but it depends on the approach of language from the person .For example if you are chatting with a girl which you have not meet or known and you start with HEY BABY I LOVE YOU what kind of premature approach is that and who do you expect that lady to reply you.And to the ladies you saw a guy you have not met in life and you start telling him ,, that i saw your profiles ,distance , age , race or language is not a barrier and that you love him without knowing kind of person he is , weither he is clergyman or not what kind of response do you expect from the man?,,The only fact remains that you must mind your alterances while chatting with a person you have met on line in other to avoid embarrassment
I almost laughed out my intestine when i saw your response.Thats very true my brother.Is an indication of insecurity.Appreciation,man.
My friend.No matured guy will ever approach a lady in that manner even if he's not educated.


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