Police trainers expelled for impregnating 15 trainees

The internet has blasted this afternoon after a viral story took social sites by storm, that two police trainers had impregnated at least 15 trainees at the camp.

Utumishi kwa wote! Police Trainers Expelled For Impregnating 15 Trainees

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As per sources, the bizarre occurrence occurred early this year, however the right figures of the number of men that may have impregnated the girls are not yet clear.

The police administration department has expelled the two instructors found guilty of impregnating trainees at the police training school, Justice Minister has said.

A disciplinary inquiry was held into the claims against them, she added.

It is hazy the number of trainees the men impregnated.

Reports previously arose in August, claiming that 15 police trainees had been impregnated after they were “harassed” into having relationships with their police instractors.

The Police Association demanded justice for the ladies.

Numerous people across the web have evoked some blended responses after the story circulated around the web.

A greater part have said this ought to also be investigated well as perhaps some are doing the same in kenya.

Many have called Utumishi kwa wote as it is the popular motto by the kenyan police.

Some have suggested the duo be held capable and face justice for destroying the innocent lives of the young officers.

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