I 've a frnd called Jojo.Dis Jojo nid ur urgent advice.Jojo 've a girl friend dat he is stayg wit.He is incharge of d lady responsibily.D 2family knows dat both of there children ar datg.Now Jojo want 2 do traditional marriage wit d lady he is stayg wit.Jojo travelled out 4 just one week.Jojo called d lady on phone to tell d lady dat he don't trust her lk b4 again.He also asked d lady 2confes her sin.D lady then confens dat each time Jojo go 2work she used 2go 've sex with another man b4 Jojo come bak 4rm work.After her confessn Jojo asked her y did she do such a thing?She said ''i do it b/cos u always suspect me ''Jojo is fustrated.Each time he stay alone he said'' y could a lady he stay wit in d same room 've sex wit anoda man b4 she com 2 d room he 's stay wit'' Jojo need ur advice on wat 2do.Can he continue wit d traditional weddg or nt?

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The decision is all his to make.
The wedding should be put on hold until the lost trust comes back.
Jojo don't know wat 2do yet.He stil nid ur advice if he can continue wit d lady or nt?


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