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"Please soldier, can we park our car around here and wait for the mechanic, the driver pleaded with a sense of confidence that he and his passengers are national properties; No!oga u no fit park anywhere around us,make you try move your car very far away,where we no go dey see una because if my big oga come,e go vex oh..."the officer thundered back!

Most recently,the southwestern Governor's forum established a new security outfit to guard its territories in addition to the federal security agencies already operating in the region.

The new security outfit was called "AMOTEKUN" whose mandate is to help rid off any form of threats whether civil or criminal in the region;however this new development generated so much virulent reactions,amogst the chief critics are the Area consultative Forum which immediately called on the federal government to declare the new security officers completely undesirable and illegal and a possible threat to the national unity of the country.

They further alleged that it was established to witch-hunt the Fulani nomads(Miyetti Allah),others have argued that the AMOTEKUN outfit is in the same league with the Indigenous People's of Biafra(IPOB) with the same intents and purposes.

In a more dramatic version, the Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Mr Malami reacted from his office and declared "the new security outfit called AMOTEKUN established in the southwestern region of Nigeria is declared illegal...." However, most commentators have argued that the northwest also has the same security apparatus with equal semblance and yet was not declared illegal.

Interestingly,despite the multi-polarized system of securities in almost every nook and cranny of Nigeria,it has yet to be seen any improvement,we still hear of heinious killings, kidnapping,armed robberies,public coffers rape, security tensions and apprehensions here and there; the last elections conducted in Kogi and Bayelsa states respectively we were witnessed to the huge roles played by the security personnels that even the INEC boss lamented about it during a Performance Assessment workshop recently.

Whether the state governments have powers to create security outfits or not is not the concern of ordinary Nigerians but the effectiveness and capabilities of this agencies to stampout criminality and terror in the country,it is a question of "will they restore public confidence or not", one citizen said, "No be to create another one be my concern but na make Dem work d work well well..." It should not be the situation where we have plenty security at our gate and yet criminals still plaunder our hard-earned properties and money.

The new southwestern AMOTEKUN must not be discarded if their mandate is a worthy cause, Nigeria has become very unsafe with most parts of the country dubbed "No go area".

It ranges from communal clashes,to cultists onslaught to the horrendous farmers-fulani showdown,to the destabilizing activities of kidnappers to even more systematic perpetration of evil and other vices that leaves imprintable apprehension in the psychology of Nigerians.

The national unity and peace should not be compromised but in ensuring that it should not be at the expense of the safety and well-being of a certain region.

The federal government should give a critical look into it's security network system,it should build more capacity and ensure the availability of every resources needed for the prosecution of assignments,the era of having more Security outfits should be done away with,we need more competent security hands to be on deck however small but not a duplication of incompetent,less motivated,poor morale personnels deployed to ensure that our environment is safe for the unleashing of genuises and maximization of potentials to improve national growth and development.

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