Well, hello everyone! I'm new here! AND I’m in London!

I am looking for my Nigerian father. I am 34 years of age and am keen to find my missing father with whom I have had no contact since 1977 after I believe he was deported from London back to Nigeria. He was known in London between 1975-1977 as Ken Sijuade. He left when I was just 2 years old.

My father registered me at birth he gave me HIS Nigerian name 'Sijuade'. Now, as a kid growing up in the 70s (without a dad) in London was quite alternative to say the least. I have to admit I didn't promote my given name BUT as I grew older I have to say that I am SO happy he did this for me. I AM SO PROUD. BUT I want to find him. I haven't seen met him before, this for me is really sad.

I wasn't brought up to believe in religion and he also had me christened, so once again never paid much attention to this fact but I do appreciate and respect his reasons for doing this for me. Anything someone does for you to this degree you have to respect no matter what your beliefs. For me it showed that he cared. I've missed out on a lot - not having a father around...but it’s a long story!

Anyway, whilst I go on, I might just introduce myself, I'm Michelle Sijuade Trafford. And I’m going to ask YOU, would you have any idea where I might find my missing father Ken Sijuade?

This is quite a desperate case.

If you have any information, which might guide me in the right direction to finding him, please, please let me know.

Thank you for reading this.

Much appreciated!

Michelle Sijuade
[email protected]


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Hi Michelle

Don't worry you find him or a member of his family..
What seperate you from him right now is just 6 people..
There is a proven mathematical formular called the "Six degrees of Separation"

You just need to find the right Six links and Eureka!

Its all about your Imagination, Visualisation and Believe

Wish you a happy ending


Ps contact the editor of the magazin http://www.africanmirror.org/amf_swiss.html
He is a nice Gentle man.. :-)
hi michelle,
i ve seen this article several times but never paid attention to read it, nevertheless, i did read it today & took time to see the pixs. I was really moved by that cute little thing being held by that man.
The journey of a million miles starts with a step . I do not know the extent u ve gone, but u got move.
First if u re resident in the Uk go to the immigration office, get to the records & get some important informations.
There could be thousands of Sijuades in Nigeria today from 1,2 or more states.
get information of his full names, state of origin, place of birth & family name etc.Extend ur search to cover 3-5 yrs (1974-1979) from the home office. Once u re armed with this You ll kn the next step to take.
It will be unreasonable for u to catch a flight now & start heading to nigeria. Your goal may be in futility.
Again many guys suggest its a scam, well i do not know what u 'll achive if it is. But sincerely make some enquiries in your country.

Good luck & Stay blessed


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