PLATEAU STATE: the True Picture – the world must Know

The truth about our hospitality in Plateau State of Nigeria needs to be told. The truth about those who do not welcome settlers in their States need to be told (we know it is not Plateau State). The truth about who will not allow you to hold a position be it government or traditional in their State unless you belong to a particular tribe or religion needs to be told (we know it is not Plateau State).

The word “JOS” is derived by the expression by the first Missionaries who arrived JOS and declared “Jesus Our Saviour”. The Missionaries who arrived Jos found the Anagutas, the Jarrawas and the Beroms in various sections of the valley that now comprise Jos Town. The Beroms were in Kabong (Gada Biyu), the Anagutas occupied the present University of Jos site, and the Jarrawas occupied the current Nassarawa Gwong. This was prior to the discovery of tin and Columbite.

When the Missionaries settled and Lord Lugard had amalgamated the current Nigeria, there were influx of Tin miners and mining labour. The Hausas, the Igbos and the Yorubas came. Trading started and Jos developed into a tin mining town, with mining camps established all over the Plateau. This town was then made up of the 3 indigenous groups, Berom, Jarrawa and Anagutas, the Ngas labourers from the north East of Plateau, the Miangos, the Yourubas , the Igbos, the Hausas, the Mwaghavul, the Ron/ Challas, the Kuleres, the Musheres, the Goemais, the Aragos, the Madas, the Egons etc.

Alhaji Dasuki , was a teacher in Kuru Middle school and later a District Officer and Provincial Secretary in Plateau Province in the then Northern Region as created by Law. In 1950 when the Northern Region was created and indigenous traditional rulers were to be uplifted, the Hausas traders in Jos, encouraged by people like Dasuki , created a Sarkin Hausawa Position and later called this “Sarkin Jos” on their own without any legal backing. The Natives protested this.

When Sardauna became the Premier of Northern Nigeria and the Chiefdoms of Jos, Ngas, Mwaghavul, Goemai were created by the Colonial Administration then in Northern Nigeria, the natives were requested to produce paramount rulers to represent them in the Northern House of Chiefs. The Colonial administration requested for a method of selecting Chief of Jos. Dasuki was known to have recommended that the Sarkin Hausawa of Jos be selected as Chief of Jos. It was Ahmadu Bello, the Sardauna, who consulted the political Leaders in Plateau Province notably, Moses Rwang, Patrick Dokotri, Pastor Vrankat Lot and others and the recommendation that came up from these consultations was that the indigenous Jos people only, be the right people to select the Chief of Jos. Sardauna was noted to have told Dasuki and his cohorts that if they wanted Sarki positions they should go to Zaria, Kano or Daura to contest for the positions. Sardauna agreed that none of the followings tribes should have the right to contest the Sarkin Jos Stool and these are the Hausa, Igbos. Yorubas, the Ngas, the Goemais, the Mwaghavul, the Rons, the Kuleres, the Tivs, etc. Sardauna accepted this recommendation and this was legalized. That is the law. Beroms being the largest group now dominate the Chief of Jos selection committee and hence the Gbong Gwom Jos was approved to be used by all the indigenous people of Jos.

The Hausas are not indigenous people of Jos. They came, the Ngas came, the Goemais came, the Mwaghavul came, the rest of the settlers came, they cannot lay claim to Jos Chieftaincy. The Hausa came to Bauchi and settled. The Hausa cannot lay claim to Bauchi Emirship. The Emir of Bauchi is selected from Gere tribe. No Hausa man has ever been Emir of Bauchi.

The current law of indigenization is the law of Nigeria and not the law of Plateau State. The Hausa States uphold the same law and will not change it to favor others from the other states of Nigeria. The Hausas are not indigenes of Jos, the Ngas are not, the Yorubas are not, the Igbos are not and many others are not . All these people, with the exception of the Hausas, live in Jos peacefully.




 Recall just in January 2010, Plateau state was engulfed in war. Different reports have tried to describe how it started but one was most popular; “a hausa muslim was trying to rebuild his house burnt in 2009 and he was resisted by neighbors...” Then he went and brought his men and army who started shooting innocent people. Taking the laws into his/their hands. The Plateau discovered minutes later that war has been declared against them, hence the so called fake soldiers including selected Nigerian soldiers who attacked Christian worshippers in church and elsewhere.   It is clear that the Hausa Fulani Muslims are neck bent on destroying the hitherto most peaceful place in the country going by recurring nature of their attacks even without provocation.


For general knowledge, the Hausa is one of the 3 major tribes of Nigeria (Yoruba, Igbo and the other 2).  Jos plateau does not fall in either hausa bakwai or banza bakwai (regions that describe the Hausa history), and so Plateau people do not have anything in common with Hausa. Tin mining has brought Orogbo Yoruba, Igbo Hausa and other tribes over time.


The petition here is that these Islamic extremists that have arranged the successful killing in Plateau state are the same people using the media, BBC Hausa service, Aljazeera, Daily Trust newspaper and the likes to tarnish the State, the people and call the Governor names.


Let’s ask; if they have a list of Hausa Fulani that were killed in this war since they started, where and what were other names (berom and others)? Unthinkable to believe only Hausa were killed in a war situation which they were most prepared for.


The man with the story at Kuru for example said “We kept our people in the mosque and went out to defend ourselves but they overpowered us…” Let him say also how many people were killed.

Some of them confessed they have been planning the war for long and even had meetings shortly before it happened.


While we condemn these killings it should be noted that in 2001 & 2009 a similar crisis occurred where all the villages around Jos were attacked by the Fulanis. This year, most painfully on Sunday when Christians went for Sunday service, the Fulanis vehemently went and attacked the Christians. This is absolute threat to life, insecurity and victimization. I therefore, call on the International community to intervene in this inhuman treatment and abruptly put an end to this.


 We regret that the developed western world in the 21st century would fail to see anything wrong in news coming from one tribe/religion over and against a nation of over 200 tribes and many religions. What does BBC expect from Hausa service? An objective reporting?


VOA over time has noticed them and has overhauled the Hausa section.  They need to include more Christians who can speak the hausa language fluently. BBC needs to do the same by recruiting Christians who can speak the hausa language, they abound after all. Please BBC to ask Voice of America questions and ban Hausa service now. There is no benefit to their behavior. Following the attempted bombing of an Airliner with nearly 300 people on board, on 25th December, 2009 in Detroit, USA, Umar Farouk Mutallab has put Nigerians in their true perspective to the world.  Why the fuss about Nigeria being listed by the US Government on the Terror watch list?  Are Nigerians not terrorising each other within the country?  So much so that the Vice Chairman of the Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) Board of Trustees, Senator Ladan Shuni  has admitted that from the Boko Haram, Kala Kato and the recent Jos crisis that the North is becoming Nigeria’s problem.  Let us call a spade a spade and stop the pretence. – there are a lot of terrorists in Nigeria! Today all Nigerians are suffering a similar attitude caused by this Muttallab hausa boy, what is the benefit of terrorism?


The Federal Government will do this nation a lot of good if the Nigerian Press Council proscribes the Daily Trust Newspapers as it is a ready tool used by Islamic extremists and terrorist of Nigeria if they actually intend to re-brand the nation.


We therefore call on the national and international communities to ignore the propaganda coming from these Muslim extremists. They have one objective all over the world, terrorism.  We reject any call for the Governor, David Jang to be tried by anyone for war he did not start or support. The genocide was committed by General Maina who had fake and genuine but selected soldiers he ordered to kill Christian natives before and after he lobbied to take over the security of the state. General Maina should be tried and not His Excellency David Jang.





2001 Crisis

Started on account of the Plateau State indigenes denying the Hausa Fulanis their plan to install an emir in Jos the capital of Plateau State because IT IS NOT A MUSLIM STATE. They (Hausa-Fulanis) claimed that Jos is their town and went ahead to labeled themselves Jasawa. The peace loving people of Jos were taken unawares as the Hausa-Fulanis launched an onslaught killing innocent people Christians for that matter.


If you are reading this article then ask yourself this question “If Mr. A came to settle /live in city B for up to 40 years and above, does that make him the owner of city B?

Agreed they (Hausa fulanis) live in Jos and control a major portion of the state economy, and they are allowed to partake in major political affairs of the state. Nobody ever pointed accusing fingers at them or tried to question their wealth. Why won’t they just live in peace and enjoy their wealth? Rather they think with their wealth and economic power they can wake up one morning and decide to take over the state while the real owners watch with folded arms. It is rather unfortunate because armed with sophisticated weapons, they attacked the Christians. Ask then, who funds these attacks, they brought in mercenaries to fight from Niger popularly known as “Buzu & Buzaye (for plural)”.

This fight came and went; the Nigerian government did not do anything to forestall reoccurrence even after reports have been submitted to the government to action.


2004 Crisis


While the city of Jos was manned by military personnel to restore peace and order, the Hausa Fulanis vowed that they must takeover Jos at whatever cost. This saw the careful plan to fight and kill all Christians starting with a number of targeted local government areas identified as the strong LGAs. This saw the invasion of the Langtang, Shendam and the Jos North local government areas. Unfortunately for the Hausa Fulanis, these LGAs overpowered the hired.


November 2008 Crisis


Following the fact that the Hausa Fulanis were over powered in 2004, they vowed again this time to revenge in hausa “Sai mun rama”. They sought for a reason to start a fight which they got when there were protests as per LGA elections in Jos North. They then started burning down Christian worship centers. This was labeled as one of the bloodiest crisis.


January 2010 Crisis

For all these series of crisis, the Plateau man being naturally just puts behind all that happens behind him as believers in God.

The muslim man alleged to start this fight was denied the freedom to rebuild his burnt down house because during the 2008 crisis, it was discovered that he (the muslim man) had custody of some arms which the Muslims used to wreak havoc on Christians. Ordinarily, the community was nice to have told him simply that he cannot rebuild and so should leave, if the case were the other way round, these our muslim brothers would have lynched the man who came to rebuild. But, this man went away and returned with fire power. Funnily these same people go to the media and say all sort of funny stories – How I wish everyone will live forever but no, “it is appointed once for a man to die and after that the JUDGEMENT”- this goes for the Christians. But for the muslims, they have been bamboozled to believe that they will get 70 virgins if they die in the cause of JIHAD (that is what they call all the fight they have engaged the peace loving people of Plateau State in)


The General Officer Commanding the military base in Jos is alleged to have deployed muslim military officers who helped in killing the Christians – nobody is investigating this. The Police commissioner who gave the true picture of the crisis (Anyating) was recalled to the force headquarters in Abuja for saying the truth. ACP Dagogo of the Police staff college in Jos who allegedly supplied muslim youth police arms (AK47s) to wreak havoc in Bukuru (this was testified by the J5 van intercepted by the military filled with arms driven by 2 Nos police officers who confessed that Dagogo normally sends them to go deposit the arms at a spot every night) is only kept under surveillance after which there will be no story lead on that. The boys that were arrested with guns on return from destruction into the police staff college released before by Dagogo and later rearrested and are now detained in the fore headquarters in Jos are only kept and no action.


Bottom-line is that unless the big financiers (who are big muslim shots in Nigeria) are brought to book, these fights and crisis shall never end. Suspects that are arrested in this mayhem, take the case of the 26 mercinaries arrested in Jos, they were ‘ordered’ to be taken to Abuja for trial, ditto, the suspects arrested in the January 2010 crisis are now in Abuja.  The interesting thing is that of all the crisis, we are not aware of those tried and punished for their role in these evil acts. This is a tacit approval to these killings and wanton destruction of properties.


The world must know the truth; after all the Muslims are asking for the head of Jonah David Jang the Governor of Plateau State for a fight he did not start.






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