Photos: Nigerian Soldier Hacked To Death By Unidentified Men Along Abuja Kaduna Highway

A Nigerian soldier has been allegedly killed by unidentified men along the Abuja-Kaduna highway.

According to Richard Effiong, a technical engineer at Ministry of Defence, who posted the report said the deceased was travelling from Kaduna to Abuja when he had a flat tyre. While looking for help, he fell asleep on top of his car. Two assailants emerged from the bush and hacked him to death with a cutlass.

‘A soldier man drive a car from Kaduna to Abuja on his way he now have a flat tire, so on the process of looking for help he now laidow on top of his car & slipped off, then two boys from bush with cortlas & slotted the army man to death. I advise other soldiers to stop wearing army uniform to travel.

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Omg, and do you think people we want to join Force, the way this cultist are killing this force members. May God Help Us See How Police Officer Was smash to Death In Kano


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