Could the current statement released by the ACN National chairman Asiwaju Bola Tinubu about GEJ in Ibadan be said to be of personal interest or is it really wat he refer to as insult to the south western people... I think Asiwaju is just pursuing his personal political interest and nothing more...

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Efe you are right.  That statement by Tunubu is an overstatement.  I think we reach a stage in our politicking that caution should be exercised.  Tinubu should have known better.  I think he should apologize to the south-south.

Okolobah Efe Michael said:
mud slinging is a normal norm during political campaigns, rally or debate but the wise politicians avoid insulting the people where he is soliciting for votes.Tinubu by calling the south south illitrates should have known better to do such, he should have attacked GEJ and his party and not his people. He shot himself in the leg by doing so

Mavos said:
To God be the glory that,we,the south-south,the so called illiterates, have the presidency. Joe will rule and hand over to south east,then and then,we will hold a Referendum. What an insult!

Freeman Socrates David said:
He said GEJ came from a place where education is a seldom thing ie they rarely go to school and also that Mr President doesnt have respect for the south west by calling them 'rascals'. He also went further to stress on the educational background of Mr President that his certificates and awards are not credible.. He compared Mr President to the South west people that the south west started involving themselves into education in the 1800s when as at then Mr President's clan still serve as serfs... These and more were the exact words of the ACN national chairman and former Governor of Lagos state..
well the veracity of the Tinubu statment stands firm. Reason I served my NYSC in Bayelsa, they across the oceans and Rivers rarely attend classes. But that should not be a yardstick to hurl such attack on Presdo. Tinubu ofcourse is not anticipating much vote frm the river banks and watersides for ACN.
Our Presdo belitled the west in the other hand. So was a tit for tat.


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