Nigeria as a united or indivisible country for now is at the cross road in deciding who rules the country and from which zone. The proliferation of sponsored groups bearing different names are barking without teeth. None of them can change the decision of who should rule Nigeria except God.I am happy that  PDP NEC is meeting soon to remove this zoning arrangement that was done due to the sins committed by a Northern- Gen IBB who annulled the fairest election ever conducted in the history of Nigeria. The North should wait as a price for committing treasonable crime. It is more than a coup because millions of Nigerians were denied the dividends of democracy. The Northern minorities are not being treated as brothers with equal rights based on ethnic and religious discrimination. The minorities cannot of course support zoning for leadership to come to the north. Lets all have a test of being led and see. As a Middle Belter youth uniting this country together, i sincerely support Goodluck Jonathan to contest and win this election in 2011. He has already provided dividends of democracy to Nigerians in this little period Yar'adua pass on. He is a very very good leader Nigerians want. The North has nothing to show for the numerous years she led apart from personal accumulation of stolen wealth by individual leaders. God help us deliver Jonathan for all Nigerians in 2011. Goodluck.   

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I think that zoning arrangement should be consigned to the dust bin of history. it is unfortunate that our northern brothers have always taken a position of insatiability when it comes to power. If they are thoughtful enough, they should have realised that they have held on to power for more than 30 years of Nigeria's existence as a nation. why are they now crying foul when nothing has actually happened. Both the North and the South are very free to context in 2011. Only a credible candidate will win be he from the North or South. I think Nigerians have come a long way that right now we should be emphasising on who will lead us to the promised land irrespective of the zone that produces him. Come to think of it, PDP is not the only political party in the country. Suppose PDP goes on with its zoning arrngement and some else from another party wins the presidency, will the election be nullified? Jonathan is the incumbent president of Nigeria and has every right to context election come 2011


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