A Nigerian old adage states, that when you push the obedient goat against the wall, it will come charging against you. PDP!!!   

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Who is the goat and who is is the pusher? Anyway its a pity that they found themselves in this situation. But those goats are not true party faithfulls and our political parties have no ideology, they dont know what they stand for that is why any tom d*** and harry without any ideology can come and leave at anytime at the expense of the party. All what the parties want is who can win election even if the person is a goat like you called them.
only in Nigeria can a politician move from one party to another,they have no vision.they only care about the money.as for PDP and the obedient goat.i have not seen any obedient goat and i dont know who the pusher is.
The Nigerian political parties are so loosely structured so that one can carpet cross to another party with ease.  It is their political game though detrimental to our body polity.  It is shame not only to PDP  but to all other political parties in the country.


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