I have watched with close dexerity and I have found out that the ongoing debate of the presidential zoning in the PDP will be the resolved weapon our politicians want to use to disband Nigeria.

First, If Jonathan finally decleares interst, north will feel betrayed.

Secondly, if north later captures power, they will not agree to leave it again which the south and the Niger Delta will not agree to.

 Thirdly, the clash of interest in the center will provoke the power brokers to find the solution in the midst of this confusion they have created for themselves.

 Finally, all of them will be suspecting one another and they will not trust any one, thereby provokes a situation of monumental chaos.

This anarchy will eventually disband the country in shreds.

Actually, the politicians really wants to disband Nigeria because of the growing facts that if Nigeria later becomes a great nation, they will be called to answer for their atrocities, so they want to use this zoning excuse to divert our attentions to beleiving that political disagreement has charterred our polity.
My suggestion is that if these hudlums later disband us, do not hesitate to try and convict them wherever you find them. No mercy.

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And finally, PDP whas droped zonning! the first stage of my postulation has come to pass. The second stage is on the move.
U see, my sister Nzeribe, I think what you are trying to emphasize is an indication that you are a peace loving woman. Actually. everybody is peace loving but there are some situations you will see and you do not need to be quiet. If we continue to keep quiet, what shall we tell our sons and daughters and what history shall we leave for them. We shall always raise alarm and fight injustice whenever we come across such. A stitch in time saves hundreds.

Bridget Nzeribe said:
why do we bother ourselves with this issue.whatever they want to do they should go again afterall,politics in Nigeria is for some selected people.
What do you have to say about this again. The implications of PDP catastrophy..... I said this before but nobody took it serious. Now the happentance has again brought up this topic....
Again, this has raised yet another suspision.....


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