It seems to me now clearer than before that the Peoples Democratic Party hates development of the country and the people of Nigeria.  Here are my points.  In the last 12 years of democracy, Enugu State had only witnessed that it was receiving funds from Federal allocation in the last four years that Sullivan Chime is Governor.  Enugu city roads have been built and the city now wears the look of a real State capital for the first time in 12 years.  It is this same Governor Chime who has brought so much development in Enugu that the PDP national chairman nwodo is fighting to stop from contesting for a second term. 

Donald Duke of Cross River State did what Napoleon could not do by bringing out the most obscure State in the country to the limelight by infrastructural and social development.  What does PDP do with him, he is eased out by those who fear that his prominence might mean challenge to their evil hold on power.

In contrast to the above,  the PDP has graciously, ceremoniously and happily welcomed theodore orji of Abia State who has not provided a pin in Abia State to show for all the allocation the State has received from Federal Allocation in the last four years as governor and the eight years he was part of the government of Abia State.  okwesilieze nwodo who is fighting Governor Chime is the same person who gave theodore orji flag-bearer of PDP in Abia State without a congress.  Nigerians and the good people of Enugu State should see for themselves.  I am not from Enugu State, but Enugu people, if I were you, I would insist on His (well merited) Excellency, Governor Sullivan Iheanacho Chime.  Good luck Enugu. Good luck to Nigeria.

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Governor Chime of Enugu State no doubt has lived to his campaign promises.  Enugu is now transformed and I believe that people like him should be given a second chance.  The leadership of PDP should call Okwesilieze Nwodo to order before it is too late or else PDP risks losing Enugu State as it lost Anambra.
PDP and other political parties lact ethical morals. they dont care about your achievements or what the individual can do, all that matters to them is who can win election even if the person is dumb like a goat


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