why is it dat where ever pdp win d opposition will said dat d election is rigged.Are they now tell d rest of us dat pdp cnt win under free and fair election?

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U see,my brother, people have eyes to see good and bad. PDP is generally bad, and in such places where PDP is bad,they are not expected to win against the people's wish e.g Delta state and Imo state governorship elections. There are also few place where PDP is good,in such areas PDP's victory wil not be a problem eg. Rivers and Enugu state. Or u think the masses are fools? Majority voting for GEJ are not voting for pdp in other elections, except where the candidiate is good, like Rotimi Ameachi. People are doing selective votings, they are not deceived by party affiliations. This is so except there is rigging,if not, how do u expect criminals like Uduaghan and Ohakim to win any election that is free and fair.
Politically Nigerians are getting matured. Alot of people are tired of PDP's lies and want a change, but you know they' ve been there for years and have the structure to rig and we also know those we want out of the place but when you have done your bit to get them out and yet they are still there then you dont have a choice but to cry faul.
majority of us are tired of pdp, Nigeria is not a 1 party nation
The masses know when elections are rigged.  If a people decide to have a change through their votes and the change did not come after all, then they are bound to suspect fraud.  For instance, If Ohakim wins again in Imo state, the people will cry definitly foul.
Well may we get d gud changes dat we need.


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