Pay attention to keyword indexing in CV writing

There are certain keywords that a hiring manager and  softwares are expecting to see in your CV, bringing your understanding of the Job description to bare. But where such indicators are lacking, you may never get to the interview stage. We will be discussing keyword and indexing in CV writing and why it is very relevant in this dispensation.

The ever changing technicalities involved in CV writing is probably one of the major reasons you need to hire a CV writer but if you must do it by yourself, there are a lot of hacks to note. For now however, will focus  on keyword indexing in CV writing and how to maximize that hack.

What is Indexing literally ?

The simple dictionary meaning of indexing suggests a way of directing attention to something. Like using your index finger, like a sign, to direct peoples attention to a specific place.

Indexing in CV writing means constantly directing attention to a particular word or phrase that is immediate and related to the job you are applying for.

Keyword Indexing in CV writing explained

Keyword as in CV are words related to your job search or the job description you’re applying for. As a job applicant, you don’t go making up keywords; keywords originate from the position the hiring manager has asked you to apply for.

Writing a Keyword indexed CV therefore requires repeating the position you’re applying for and a marching skill set consistently throughout your CV. For example,  if you were asked to apply for the post of a ‘Social Media Manager’,  you are expected to index or repeatedly use the phrase, Social  media manager, social media management,  Social media, Management as keywords and related keywords.

Why Keyword Indexing in CV is necessary

Pointers will be needed here:-

  • Most times CVs are screened by softwares or robots. They look out for those keywords and the frequency at which they were used, which in most cases are already set. If your CV is not optimised with that keyword, you CV will likely not pass the first reading.

  • It places emphases and attention on the actual job you’re applying for and your skills set.

  • It shows competence and smartness in CV writing.

  • You stand a chance to get to the interview stage of Job search atleast.


CV writing and its technicalities evolves with time, you must have to keep terms with the constant changes. Meanwhile, if you are still confused on how to write a winning CV, you can Hire a CV writer or attend a CV writing class.

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