Nigerians lets us not be in haste, not only Nigeria suffers crisis, do you know that Republic of Benin is now also in a great crisis that this coming year 2011 that they will fully satisfy themselves.
      They, talking about the "money sucker" who put heads together to put the present president of Benin Republic Dr. Boni Yayi at the post, now wants him by all means to either do their own ways, leave the office or not to recontest again 2011. For the president good works which they considered as evil is now affecting their various account, but now nobody has known the mind of the president Dr. Boni Yayi whether he's leaving or staying, while some citizens said that he Dr. Boni Yayi said he is leaving there for them, so they can do it as they want, but this is citizens so his real mind is not yet known.
     With all these, those "money sucker" saw him as a person not ready to leave or agree with them so they have started differents plans for the citizens not to vote him the second time 2011, and some of their plans are thus.
   -  They paid some government teachers to goes for strike for increasement of their salary while they give a big salary, that the government cannot afford to pay them but now rectify.
  -  They ganged up with some contractor that some roads which have been awarded contract are now left unfinished and abandoned.
   So please, if you don't know what to say or do to help keep your hands cross, your eyes and  ears open to later see or hear the down fall of the wicked.

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