Parental background on student’s academic performance

Related studies on English education project topics have shown that there is a relationship between parental background and student’s academic performance. According to the research, students have better, little, or zero chances to perform better academically considering several factors that build up around parenting. These factors are what we will consider in this article.

Factors surrounding parenting that may likely affect student’s academic performance


Economic status

While some parents have more than enough to cater to their children’s academic needs, some barely can afford one; this technically explains why academic institutions are classified, some for the very rich, some for the average, and some for the poor. In essence, the quality of education students receive primarily is determined by the standard of the institution they attended.


In another picture, whereas some parents can afford to pay for their children’s study materials, some cannot. Some students are forced to get their hands on a hustle so they afford their needs, as a result, gets their attention divided, affecting their academic performance in the long run.


Parental occupation

What the parents for a living have a large influence on their income. A poor local farmer may not be able to afford his children’s tuition as quickly as a civil servant or a businessman or even a large-scale farmer. On many occasions, we see how students are sent out of school, denied promotional examinations, or graduated because they haven’t paid off their tuition.


The educational level of parents

In another situation, some parents do not consider formal education a necessity for their children since they made a living out of whatever they do even without attaining a formal education. If ever there is a need to send their children to school, the willingness to provide for the child’s academic need will be lagging leaving them to suffer academically. The reverse is the case with parents with good academic backgrounds.


Home and size of family

The size of the family, large or small, determines the quality of education students receive, who goes to school, and who goes to learn handiwork. If there are just two children, for instance, chances are they receive a better education standard than a family of 7children.


Conclusively while the parental background is a big factor to consider when examining students' academic performance, it is not always the case. In some cases, parents from very poor educational backgrounds wish to raise children with quality education. But while the wishes last, the reality lies in the affordability.

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