Enahoro 17Great Pa Enahoro-the great Zuma-rock of the nation's capital" You've fought the good fight and left us the blue print of that bold and courageous political push to remove and cast out all the "politico fools and egomaniac elites" that are now in government.I known that you never envisioned for Nigeria the very destructive road she is constantly travelling.Is definitely an enormous lost for all the great people of Nigeria who shares you visions and aspiration...

The Iroko Tree that host the numerous nation's birds. The precious egg that contains the news of his death was hard to break.It went down finally to the ground so was his life.I known deep inside of me that that great spirit he had put forward earlier to fight for the Nation's independence will continuing to intercede for the Nation which he love so dearly that he "moved the very motion in 1953 that eventually led to Nigeria's Independence in 1960"....you will be missed by all!

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Yeah, the country has lost a great gem and hero of our time. Its very unfortunate that the nation does not appreciate the contribution of our heroes. The govt should preserve his values and ideals. Adieu Pa Enahoro


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