OYEDEPO, OTHERS TO BRIEF JONATHAN ABOUT YAR'ADUA: I thought Oyedepo said its nobody's business ?

 All of a sudden, Bishop Oyedepo who was spitting fire and brimstone with insults to Nigerians just a few days ago has now admitted that he and other christian visitors to ailing president Yar'Adua will be meeting with Acting President Jonathan to brief him about Yar'Adua.  If the "man of God" is not being rude to journalists who happen to be the people's source of news I dont know what to call his actions. 


From the Bishop's attitude, which is on the low end of public respect and on the high side of arrogance, I expect a complete apology to Nigerians.  When journalists ask you a question about matters that concern the public such as the Yar'Adua questions, it means the people are actually asking you such questions.  It makes one wonder how the Bishop "rules" his Winners Empire.  By proclamations? dictatorship?

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I have always said it all along.. religion is hallucination.
Having a Bishop's title does not erode one's genetic composition.
I think Bishop Oyedepo was been technical in his reaction to the journalist knowing very well the issue of the ailing president is a sensitive one. He may have finally agreed to speak after due process.
The approach of bishop oyedepo is the same as that of the cabal that put us in this mess, i want to advice the ill mannered bishop 2 respect nigerians, as 4 me the bishop never had me as a fan .
Nigerians are begining to wake up and nobody can continue to fool them under the guise of religion. What makes matters better is when true religious leaders like Pastor Tunde Bakare begin to increase in numbers. Those are the ones actually telling the situations like it is. Redeem's Adeboye romanced with Obasanjo for years, and even created a permanent resort joint for him within the RCCG premises in Lagos, this was while Obasanjo continued to misrule the nation. To me, his gestures towards OBJ was some sort of bribe or manipulation to seek government favours, and he succeeded with all the special favours granted to Redeem in import waivers and other privileges not given to other churches. This is the same person preaching kingdom of heaven. How can Pastor Adeboye associate with Obasanjo who was also a close friend of Adedibu? Show me your friends they say ........

Back to Oyedepo, let's see what they will tell us after meeting with Jonathan. Will they say its not our business again? Our lives not our business? Who are the people listening to this man "preach" to them? If I were Jonathan I will never grant these people audience. If a greedy Turai can respect these people more than Jonathan, we will like to know why. Is it because she realises that they are easy to manipulate? is it because she thinks they are self serving, and would jump at such opportunity? These people dont represent Nigerians, Jonathan does. The simple fact that they are now mixing religion with politics is such a huge shame.
We really need mental liberation in Nigeria. Bishop who? What business does bishop have with politics. Need I say, Its a farce.


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