We know you have done so well within seven months in office as president of our beloved country Nigeria more than any other past president of this country. We wish to assure you that no amount of bombing and terrorism in the North can change our support for you.


One fifty Million Match for President Goodluck Jonathan supports you as much as we did on 15th September 2010 when you declared your candidacy for 2011 presidential race on face book page. We’ve followed you and will continue to work on your behalf. We are prepared for the fight ahead. We will not waver; we will not let you down. We know we can count on you. We all know that you’re the chosen one from God for Nigeria with 99.9% chances to win PDP primaries as professed by a man of God.


May your heart be light, your spirit strong, your soul nourished and our glorious First Family healthy & happy today and forever Amen.






Leonard Eke

(Dir: One Fifty Million Match for President Goodluck Jonathan)






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We will see after the debate...Goodluck Jonathan/Sambo we support all the way.
Do we have a choice, he is just the best devil among many devils. We will support him all the way for a possitive change
We thank you for your support. Please don't give up the struggle for change.
Thanks. But he should be reminded not to dissappoint us o

Leonard Eke said:We thank you for your support. Please don't give up
the struggle for change.

GEJ is not an angel,but he is better than his pdp gang members.i read his facebook page and was almost won over by what he has done in a short time.i wish him all the best.Happy new year to everybody

Goodluck Jonathan is the best president at the right time.
ONE FIFTY MILLION MATCH FOR PRESIDENT GOODLUCK JONATHAN wish you all happy and transformed new year with Goodluck jonathan.
Chris, I can prove it to you that GEJ is on the side of the angels.
@Michael, mark my word GEJ can not disappoint us.
If someone wish you GEJ for new year I think is the best gift one can ever get.
 Happy new years all people to comunity to me,Adele from italy,e a good happy new years to my wonderfull fantastic man e husband Leonard Eke,yes is my love,Amore i send my best happy new year 4 u. I hope this new years give u to much fortune,joy e glory in u life,cause u merit all that,e u continued u street 4 champaigne in political,e one day u can see a miracle that u Nigeria wake a head e resolved the problem.Amore ti amo
No hankypanky, He is a failure as long as he is a product of corruption under the platform of PDP (Poverty development party) Digest the fact!


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