Our hope and dreams of better Nigeria is fufilled today.

Today begins a new dawn for Nigerians, a dawn of good governance, a dawn of peace unity and progress, a dawn determination to succeed. We will succeed and emerge a better modern nation, better human beings. We will disappoint those who believe our new government is same old story, we will get there where positive out puts reign supreme.

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I am glad someone has the same faith as myself.  I have always believe that Nigeria will rise again.  I just hope the internet in Nigeria becomes more reliable so that we can give our people good jobs through the internet.  I feel really sad when I see Nigeria online jobs go to India and other countries.


Nigeria will rise again.  God Bless Nigeria.  Amen

It is indeed a new dawn for our country. I have faith in our president that he will deliver on his promises knowing fully well that expectations from Nigerians are high. 


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