Iam so happy that our girls did not make it to London olimpic.since our politician have put their hands in our football our football house is not the same again,the right person is not put to man the NFA,instead they will just put one stupid idiot to be our NFA chairman,how can somebody who knows nothing about football be put to run football.where as we have ex-footballers,with great experence,yet becos he does not have godfather in the NASS,you are nobody.All what the Nfa is interested in is the money they will get from CFA OR FIFA.if you dont read how can you pass Exams.our football house is too corrupt,it is time EFCC and ICPC will look into the activites of the NFA.thank God the super eagle and the super falcons did not make it let me see where they NFA will see the money to share.instead of them to plan ahead they are busy thinking of how to share the money.Hiring white man or white woman as coach.will not solve the problem,the problems with our football is the NFA;NFF and our politician,not our coaches.let our politician remove their hands from our football.

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Our football has gone down the drains.  We need to go back to the drawing board.  We have never had it so bad.


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