Reports reaching us from the Aso Rock villa this afternoon says the Attorney General of the Federation, Mr. Micheal Aondoakaa has been relieved of his office. This sack takes immediate effect. Jonathan has started acting as the president. Do way the rule of law is at work? Well, for now I will say well done.

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That is good riddance to bad rubbish! If the news is true, then I would say it is a good beginning for Goodluck, Nigeria and positive minded Nigerians. He has just gone the way of Chukwumerije, Wada Noise (Nas) and other stinking-mouthed Nigerians that offended sensibilites of sane people while they were on the corridors of power.
Aondoakaa is a disgrace to himself, his people and the legal prefession, just because of the bowls of porridge he is enjoying in Abuja. Shame to him.
Good riddance indeed!
Goodluck Aondoakaaa (I never succeeded in mastering the spelling of that name)!
Hmmm, I hope he is not in a su\icide Mission. I think he should leave vengeance to God. Afterall, Its only God that give powerand tae same. He hould Nigeria's problems and stop chasing shadows!
Yea, quite a good riddance of bad rubbish. Aondoakaa is a human disaster! Thank heavens, Prof Dora and Goodluck for saving the rest of Nigerians from the shameful clutches of that monster of a man. He should not even be in the Cabinet at all. But I like the way Jonathan is treading the path of caution: Special Duties is just equivalent to no portfolio. At least in the weeks ahead we'll be saved from Kaase's illogical logics and senseless speeches on air. Kudos Nigeria! Next on the line should be Yayale Ahmed, the SGF...
@ Ejiofor Eze, What do you know about Yayale Ahmed. I think you should open your eyes and get to know who he is, what have been happening in the cabinet, what they (VP and the SGF) have gone through in the absent of the president before labeling him or even close to comparing him with Aondoaka. I know you wouldn't do that if you know what has been going on inside and not what is written on news even though some certain things are facts and figures, its only entertainment. Yayale will forever be in support of the VP, and he is amongst the few that actually advised the president to go look after his health, hawks within Yaradua did all they could for the president to sack him, but the president clearly knows Yayale is an asset. Have you forgotten the last trip of yaradua, when it has been all over the news that yayale will be sacked immediately the president comes back? The hawks did that at that time to make the SGF weak and frustrate him out through bypassing his office for making corrupt deals with Turai giving orders. The SGF is not a puppet of turai. Go look for the people you are really looking for.
Ok, my brother Alpha Adebayo. My facts are from the print media which neither Yayale himself nor his aides have tried to deny. But if you know him so closely, so be it.
This man should not remain in the cabinet of President Jonathan. Instead of swapping his ministry he should have been fired outright & not remain in the corridors of power. The President should sack him now as i see him as a big threat to this administration. Personal gain will always becloud his reasoning & good sense of judgment. His actions thus far could have thrown this GREAT nation NIGERIA into another dark era that could have been difficult to come out from, if not for God's divine & timely intervention. This nation is tired of unpatriotic & selfish Nigerians like Andoakaa
Hmmmm, na God catch am. Fly wey no dey hear word, go follow dead body enter grave. Next hammer of demotion should please hit on Rilwan Lukman. For God sake what is that man kept there for? Did we ask for a statute? Why putting a goat in front of an army of lions to fight against an army of goats led by a lion? Please Goodluck, you are a man of action and I know you can do it. Send that man (Lukman) and replace him with Odein Ajumogobia who is the active one. Thank you for hammering that radical (Andoka or what is even the spelling sef). We will celebrate our 50th anniversary in style.
If i were him, I would invoke the ultimatum of KAMIKAZE. Kamikaze is a cultural belief of the Japanese where a person would be escorted by the family fold and the relatives at the entrance of his tent and they would monitor and watch him commit suicide simply because he did not accomplish his goal as a family man or a driver or any thing. If I found my self in government today, I am saying this here and I would continue to say it anywhere, many people like Aondoakaa would be given the digital lesson of Jerry Rawlings of Ghana.
When I saw the headline," Aondoakaa Removed", I thought he has been given a VIP treatment. I must confess that Jonathan was so lenient in that case. Aondoakaa has no conscience so it is still very dangerous to maintain a traitor as an ally. Jonathan should remove the kinds of Aondoakaa from his administration if he wants to be sincere with Nigerians.
Brother Ejiofor, can you please tell me one thing Yayale did that was wrong based on the things we read on the media? He needs not to deny anything because its only when somebody lies or purposely makes a mistake that he will then produce more lies to cover up for the initial ones. Before he even went to the NASS, he clearly told the core kitchen cabinet that he will not say what is contrary to his conscience and he went there, even though he was never quoted by any paper we still got to hear the results of the closed door meeting. He is no different to us the public because they as well are kept away from the true state of the president and with this, what do you expect him to tell someone. That is the same for our acting president, just a few people within the cabinet actually know what is happening. but please tell me something he did that he deserves to be kicked out. after all, even if he gets fired, I know he will finally find the peace he deserves.
I pray God gives you wisdom to take wise decision and make this country a better place


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