Never miss Wonderful Island if you like the simulation game such as Hay Day, Township, etc. If you have played this new simulation game, you must know it is better to finish the order square firstly thus you can build some factories. Don't build decorations because you don't have enough gold in the early stage. And don't be hurry to expand your island area. What you should do is to tidy some original decorations to make room for building factories.

Actually, there are 2 order types in Order Square. one is normal order, another one is plot order. The difference between these 2 orders is you can finish the normal orders without limit, but you only have one chance to do the plot order. The higher level you are, more normal orders you can get! You will get more gold and Experience Points after you finishing the normal orders.

Then you can use gold to build more decorations &klo2kand factories, and the Experience Points are used to level up and lock more goods. What can you do if the order is too difficult to finish in wonderful island game? Simple, you can delete this order by clicking the delete button. You will get a new order after 15 mins.

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