If you are like me, I’m sure you usually have difficulties coming up with a suitable, click-worthy SEO friendly blog post.  and what if I told you optimizing your WordPress blog post is much easier than you imagined?

In this blog post, you will discover my blog post checklist on what to do before publishing a blog post.

What To Do Before Optimizing Your WordPress Blog Post

1. Do A Keyword Research or Topical Research
2. Write a persuasive post title that includes keywords.
3. Start the blog post with an interesting story or a question.
4. Divide text into smaller sections with sub-headings.
5. Deep link to previous relevant articles on my blog.
6. Add a relevant content upgrade.
7. Link out to relevant articles on authority blogs.
8. Compress and upload on-brand SEO-friendly images.
9. Add “alt text” to your images.
10. Add a featured image.
11. Make sure your post is SEO-friendly.
12. Proofread your article.
13. Make Sure All The Links Inside The Blog Post Open On A Different Tab


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