Opening a Firstbank Internet Banking – Step-by-Step Guide

Have you already heard about First Online banking? Find out the easiest manual that will help you to use First Online! This step-by-step guide will show you that it is easier than you think.

Firstbank Internet Banking happens to be one of the most innovative services of the FirstBank Nigeria Plc. and the establishment remains one of the top Nigerian banks.

Similarly, it is not a surprise that this multinational bank has gone the extra mile to deliver top-notch banking services to Nigerian people at home and all over the world.

FirstBank Internet banking

Actually, Engaging in Firstbank Internet Banking saves us the time and stress of going to the bank to make transactions, it is no longer news that technology is advancing everyday and one need to grab the opportunities that it hold.

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As a matter of fact, One major advantage of Firstbank internet banking is it convenience, fast and reliable service provided. Be sure to be smiling your way all through.

How to Register Firstbank internet banking

Firstly, Visit any of our branches to get the online banking form.

2: Complete the form and provide your preferred User ID.

3: Once you have completed the form, your login details will be sent to your preferred email instantly.

4: To login, visit our website to access our online banking platform.

5: Enter your User ID, and then your default password to login.

(While copying your password, ensure you do not copy the space before or after your password as this will be interpreted by the system as additional characters in your password and render it invalid. The image below illustrates the right way to copy your password)

Afterword, Change your password by selecting a one with at least one alphabet, number and special character.

7: Select from an array of questions and provide your answer to four (4) Password and Security Questions.

8: Create your unique True Stamp by choosing a memorable word or phrase and selecting an image.

Finally! Confirm your contact email address and you are good to go.

Update your Firstbank internet banking Information

Also, you can update your phone number and email address without visiting the bank.

Here is how

Login to the new online banking platform
Click on the Self Service tab
Under the Personal Information tab, click on Main Customer Information
Enter new email address/phone number and click Update
Your details will be updated automatically.

Synchronize your Firstbank internet banking Token

Login to the new online banking platform
Click on the Self Service tab
Under the Token Management tab, click on Synchronize Token
Enter two consecutive numbers generated by your token
Click Synchronize.

Schedule Alerts

However, You can now schedule alerts on the new online banking platform, Such as:

Security Alerts: get notifications when critical events occur to your account, including changes to your login information (username or password) and profile information (address, email address, or security questions) or when your account has become locked (such as when the wrong password has been repeatedly presented)
Balance Alerts: get notifications when your account balance is lower or higher than s specified account
Budget Alerts: get notifications when the spending for any of your budget categories exceeds your target amount
New Message: when FirstBank has sent you a message.

Login in to the new Firstbank internet banking Platform , click on Alerts, click on Schedule Alerts, select any of the categories, enter required information, click on Schedule Alert.


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I wanted to open a bank myself, but I didn't even manage where to buy a coin counter. I guess I should have searched for it online.


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