Dear Professor Jega and my fellow compatriots,

What we so want is free and fair elections in 2011. We are not yet complete
fools and can see that the time is just too short for INEC to prepare a worthy
voters register by January 2011. We therefore realise that the 2011 elections
must be rescheduled for later that year. Right now, Nigeria must do what it
needs to do to set a firm foundation that will end gross corruption and let the
country develop.

Some enemies of Nigeria's progress have said the elections cannot be moved from January 2011 because this will set a precedent for future governments to remain in power longer. That is just a clever ploy to ensure
that corruption will be the order of the day if the voters register is not
corrected, because as the voters register stands, the cabal will continue to
have its evil power over the nation. 

What I propose is that the elections take place in November 2011 (and the
elected president can be sworn in well before Christmas). This re-scheduling
will give INEC more of the needed time to correct the voters register without
which the 2011 elections will likely be yet another sham, and waste of time and

From henceforth, general elections can then take place in November of the
particular election year. The elections MUST take place during an election
year, and if a November date becomes the norm, any future government that tries
any "delay" tactics only shows its utter folly because it must go by
the end of that year anyway.

The nation understands how vital it is that the voters register is a proper and
authentic document. Those of us that love our people and our country fully
understand that in order for fair elections in 2011, there is now no choice but
to re-schedule the election date. This re-scheduling would be for a good
purpose, to enable us to obtain a true voters register, so that the citizens
can have a chance of getting to vote for the president and party that they
think will be best for Nigeria.

Best wishes,


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