It happen this morning at Ikorodu Expressway opposite Ketu police station, were a woman cross the road and was heat by a bus........... Immediately a LASMA and a POLICEMAN got there, rather than to assist the poor woman, they took the bus toward Mile 12 area,,,,,,,,,,,,, to do what?????????????? WE DONT KNOW................... We could do nothig to assist the poor woman.,till I left there after about 15min that it happen.

    I believe to arrest the motorist is not the solution, after all it happen on the EXPRESS and there are over head brigde

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as you said, ONLY GOD CAN HELP THIS COUNTRY. But you there why cant you assist the woman
@Kudirat thank you very much for your reply.. But you there why cant you assist the woman>>
I was about to ask the same question :-)

Why are people calling on a Monotheist that does not exist in this context.
To Help educate our dear friend Sanni
LASMA = Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (There job is to control the traffic and not to take a run down woman to the hospital)
The Nigerian Police = There Job is to maintain peace and order (Which may also Includes calling an Ambulance to take the poor woman to the hospital).

Wait a minute! Which number should the poor police guy call?? May be the poor police guy have not credit in his Handset.
Please note the Nigerian Police did not provide any pre-charge Handset for the Poor OC. Quote me if I am wrong..

Hence I did not see any wrong doing in the part of PoliceMan and the Lasma..
If you have complain send it to your Dear Governor to provide adequate ambulance service for the masses.

Please the incident have nothing to with your so called Monotheist which does not exisit period..
Please use your common sense..
Nice Post......


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