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The evolution of payments in Nigeria is becoming more significant. The use of cards (ATM cards) are more and more becoming popular thanks to the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) vision 2020 that is promoting the cashless society. Although, people still say it is cashless society, I still see more Nigerians using there cards on to withdraw cash from the ATM.

What most of the Nigerians using their cards on ATM don't really know is that it is actually more beneficial to them to use the card on POS and Online to make the purchase. the question now is "how is this beneficial to individuals"?

The cards that carry more benefits are the Prepaid Cards. They work exactly the way Debit cards and Credit cards work, they are more safe to use both online and on POS. In fact, the prepaid cards gives you more peace of mind than your debit card because they are not linked to your current account or saving account so only money available for you to spend are the money you load on it.

Benefits on Prepaid Cards:

Online Payments:

  1. With online purchases on prepaid cards, you are more safe than using your bank linked card;
  2. No unrecognized purchases;
  3. Discreet - No bill sent to your home address to shows what and where you shop. You are the only one that can view your bill online.

POS payments:

  1. You get added benefits like discount linked offers, Loyalty points e.t.c
  2. Discounts on almost every purchase - Electronics, phones e.t.c

Prepaid Cards available in Nigeria:

  • SkoyPay Prepaid Card
  • Zenith Prepaid Card
  • GTBank Prepaid Card,
  • Firstbank Prepaid Card.

We will soon come up with the benefits and cost of each cards mentioned above.

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It is a good relieve that many Nigeria prepaid visa and master card are now accepted online unlike some few year back.

At least a lot site now do accept our cards, there still some that are yet to accept us. in that case, it mean you have to seek the assistance of a friend or brother abroad to help you pay online. Now you can Buy credit cards in Nigeria.

however, that may not be easy for those without relatives in oversea, my only recommendation is that they look for reliable USA card provider within Nigeria, some eve help make online payment on your behalf.

A good start is to check out http://www.naijacreditcards.com/ You will get virtual USA card that you can use on any website, the site also handle western union payment as well Pay-for-me service. it is an ideal place to buy perfect money in Nigeria and also fund paypal account in Nigeria with peace of mind.


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