GEJ has been quoted as saying he will serve one term if u beleive him? if he leaves in 2015 who takes over?

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I doubt if he will want to relinquish power after one term. He has not shown any commitment as a man that honours aggrement. He was there and signed the zoning agreement which is now tearing the PDP appart.

Chris, Let focus on 2011 get GEJ elected and as for 2015 when we get to the bridge we will cross it.

I personally think its a good decision so that what ever he wants to do in 4yrs he should do it in 4 yrs..perhaps its a newdawn for presidents to be serving one term.
GEJ jst consented 2 dt bcos he's under pressure. Bt d main thing Nigerians shud b looking out for is CREDIBILITY. We shud choose our leaders if possible on merit bases, nt ds kill & divide type of leadership.

Let us not begin to bug our minds with who takes over from GEJ come 2015.  If he lives by his words, he would have been the best leader Nigeria has ever had.  In fact he will become the Nelson Mandela of Nigeria.


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