on Strike: NMA, NBA accuse NLC of sell-out 6 days ago

You didn't wish it was you or any among leaders of NMA or NBA died during past strike or did you? 

When it comes to national crisis, dialogue is the best. When the parties concerned dialogue and disagree, the should keep dialoguing till the agree. Decision labour took was not a sell- out, rather was wisdom in the making. 

Ever since the beginning of creation, compromise has been the leading light of peace. Those who adopt it usual find themselves on the road of recovery automatically, those who continue to wrangle and strike will continue to lose their saved gains.

Strike is good when a leader turned dictator or tyrant, but not good when the leader is seeking solution and promising to be transparent in his or her actions.

The other day i was pleading to NLC and TUC to forgive this government their arrogance and ruddy, by not consulting them before removing fuel subsidy. Today you are accusing same labour who were accusing this government of being arrogant and ruddy for not consulting the people before removing fuel subsidy same arrogance and ruddy attitude......Irony of faith.

NLC/TUC, None is perfect except God. And, once you point accusing finger, someone else is judging you. So, NMA-NBA-NLC-TUC-FG-People of federal republic of Nigeria, forgive one another and move forward, none can help or build Nigeria except Nigerians.

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Labour took a wise decision. Nigerians were divided over the strike/protest. The 'pros' see it as a war against the person of Mr president rather than the Govt. Trust Nigerians for what we are known for; Religion, Ethnicity and Politics became the issue. Labour was told to go protest against Boko Haram... But during the tenure of OBJ we know how many times labour went on strike. No treat from anywhere. The 'Anti' capitalised on corruption despite that they cannot claim to understand the financial system of the Govt than Minister of Finance and CBN Governor. The president boxed himself by publicly pointing accusing finger at a faceless cabal... Where do we go if not to shift goal?

I said it at the  outset of the protest that Labour was not very sincere to the protest, but many Nigerians blindly joined and today they are now pointing accusing fingers on labour. 


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