on Sanitation exercise: Lagos suspends restriction of movement

on Sanitation exercise: Lagos suspends restriction of movement 20 hours ago


Restriction of movement during environmental sanitation is an illegal law, federal and state governments are suppose to employ enough street and drainage cleaners to clean our roads, streets, parks, markets, drainage etc everyday instead of this last Saturday of a month nuisance.

Every home whether private or commercial should be provided with big garbage plastic drums with cover to dump their waste for government refuge disposal trucks to come around and pick up once or twice in a week, Government can introduce refuge levy, to see that those involved in city and town cleaning are properly paid and also  regularly maintain  equipments use in daily exercise of country clean up.

Government departments responsible for waste disposal should be provided with refuge disposal trucks and other modern day country cleaning equipments, to help them carry out their job peoperly like it's done in other clean cities and towns of the world we've seen or visited.  it's time we carry out nigeria day to day governance in an organized system instead of this old negative system inherited from junta regime, if other countries can do it without such last Saturday of a month illegal law we too can do it.

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2me is illegal...
2me is illegal...

It is a new begining in Lagos state.  Let us watch and see how the people will make this work.


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