on Read Full Text of Jonathan’s Declaration of Emergency Rule


I'm glad you finally took this positive step forward than listening to betrayers in your cabinet, you are peoples elected president of Nigeria, you are above all both those in Government and ones retired.You need to please Nigerian masses, not your caucus or cabals or party members or buhari or tinubu or boko haram godfathers.

Had it been you heed peoples advice at the beginning, police headquarter, united nation building, destroyed police stations,killed police men and women, eastern Nigerian transport buses, churches and mosque that was bombed by those blood suckers would have been prevented.

Had it been you listen to real people instead of those hypocrites and sycophants surrounding you,killings in jos, borno, adamawa, yobe,middle belt, etc would not have happened. Please do more, you have enough resources, man power and weapons to destroy enemies of Nigeria.

You don't need to be scared of boko haram supporters or sponsors or governors or senators or rep or boko haram themselves because Nigerians as a whole are with you in this struggles.

In any states you declare state of emergency, sack the governors and his allies, place military administrator until calm returns to that states else this state of emergency won't be effective., Military administrator may have question mark with democracy, but needed this time around considering the high number of innocent people losing their precious life in the hands of boko haram.

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