on Northern Governors kick against State Police

 The problem is not control of commissioners of police in their respective states alone, the problem is boko haram and this menace called boko haram originated among northern states, and other states of
Nigeria don't want it spreading from north to their states.You should consider other states governors  feelings when next you and your colleagues plan what to tell Nigerians because, no governor of Nigeria is slave to any governor of Nigeria.

If northern governors don't want state police and  southern states governors want it,  none has right to accept your side and reject their side unless  it's their destiny  they will forever remain northern
states slaves of which i have heard them rejected several times, then it's up to them like it is their duty to respond to your demand.If you don't want state police, below advise are what you and your colleagues should push for all Nigeria states

 (1)Give all Nigeria  governors power to employ police in their respective states to know exactly who they employ to oversee their state security, adding to power to control commissioners of police in their respective states like you and your colleagues demanded.

(2)Give all Nigeria governor Power to control police weapons and equipments posted in their states, and power to transfer or demise any officer who act against police rules and regulations.

Boko haram is not just a mere threat, they are tested blood suckers  that need to be curtail by all means, to make sure they don't spread their bloody crusade to southern states of Nigeria.

Regarding other things you said, we don't need those advice. Nigerians are done with what is not working, a lot are holding on patience to see what Jonathan administration will deliver or people will
troop out in the street in millions in demand of SNC..

We need to sit and talk, not forwarding conditions and proposals that till never take us a mile forward since independent.Doesn't seem right to me how Nigeria are known to be rich but majority of her citizens till date lives in abject poverty due to improper style of governance we have been practicing since day military adventurers boarded governance train.

Does it seem right to you that we pump millions of dollars of barrel of crude everyday till date,and still cannot boast of good roads , steady electricity,water etc. Does that seem right to you?Aliyu.

You and your colleagues should come up with  reasonable demands, no citizen or citizens of this country will ever lord or rule any Nigerian against his or her rights. We should sit and talk, then after we agree to remain one Nigeria, we should replace current junta constitution with peoples Constitution. Where as we disagree after talking, we should draw a different map of this land.

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State Police has both advantage and disadvantage.  It will make policing more effective especially in the rural areas. But the state governors will seriously abuse the state police.  They will use them against their political opponents and they will not fund them adequately to enable them perform creditably.  The federal govenment is having problems funding the Nigeria police.  You now can imagine what will become of the state police force, if it is granted.

Why state governors will abuse state police if a democratic president who supervise the transfer of federal power on police to state did not abuse it while police were under federal Government? in regards of funding police, same fund allocated to police by federal government will still go to police through federal government to state,so your argument that state government won't fund state police well did not add up.

In short, you missed the point of which is Boko haram. A lot of them are employed in federal police and can be posted at your door step, but if police are giving to states to run, there will be 80 percent security of life and properties in all states except that states that gave birth to boko haram.That is the point, Charles.


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