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Divided nation will hardly progress; a house hunt by devil will always have misfortune. Where as we’re human being and God has giving us wisdom/knowledge on how to remove strong obstacles on our progressive way, why wouldn’t we apply such method to curb civil unrest, sabotage and unnecessary killing of innocent Nigerians that has never partake in sharing Nigeria economy.

Mr. President Move is OK, even though some of the people he is approaching may be known to be bad or corrupt, yet we can’t deny the fact they are part and parcel of Nigerian nation and were once leaders of this nation.

And for those linking this move with zoning, this move has nothing to with any zone. This is purely reconciliation call to PDP members in crisis.

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Its a good move since he needs members of his party to succeed but such deal should not cause his regime its integrity.
your opine is well nortured. They say stream don't swallow someone it does'nt sees his leg. Person feeding with devil in the same plate uses longer spoon.
Before GEJ swallow, he will go closer. Moreso he is with longer spoon.
He needs them to succeed but I hope part of the agreement is not to bank roll their campain expenses.


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