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Apart from good roads and good traffic system, private and commercial drivers hold key to zero accident on our roads.

Let me begin with Commercial drivers: Most important thing you should do to avoid accident is not taking your eyes off the road so long your vehicle is on motion, should not respond to your passengers conversation with your eyes or allow any passing by noise or objects or whatever drawn your attention or take your eyes off the road.

You should not drink and drive or continue driving if you are feeling sleepy, should not induce any type of drug within(maximum) six hours  (minimum) three hours before hitting the road.

Once you're on the road, you must be patience and always ready to compromise with another road user who are trying to cause nuisance on the road, by either slowing down and let him drive pass or keep as much distance you can keep from him or her.

Don't drive from one lane to another lane when there is no cause to do that, remain on one straight track. Always be ready to give way to any speedy coming cars and don't drive at night with high lights unless there is reason to do, and even if there is reason to do that, you must dim down your light when other vehicles are coming from opposite direction especially on narrow non demarcated roads.

Make sure your commercial vehicle are mechanical OK/ road worthy before applying on roads where you are required to speed above 100 kilometer per hour, Don't manage things like Tyre and breaks, you must at all times make sure these two basic auto safety are in order and never ignore any traffic sign on your way.

To private drivers, if you can take above advice for commercial drivers, you will drive your car from zero kilometer to dead engine without accident unless  accident from mechanical problems.

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By building good and quality road netowrk, re-orienting the drivers, ensuring that only road-worthy vehicles ply our roads, ensuring that drivers do not over load their vehicles and that they do not drive with worn out tyres.  Curbing road accidents is a collective responsibility of the National Road Safety Corps and the passangers.
Mkg call or receivg call while drivg cause acident sometime.Driver shld avoid dat habit.


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