Why pulling down the house you built, OBJ? You campaigned for Good luck, but in this news article you are saying you didn't tell anybody to give Jonathan his or her vote.We can't be preaching reconciliation and way forward, and at same time trying to heap blame on someone who also is trying to help the situation.

All the reference you made here regarding world bank struck your reputation to pieces, i was reading and thinking. Is OBJ telling Nigerians he was answerable to world bank ,that it was world bank who  governed Nigeria through out the period he spent as Nigeria president?

Mr nobody will be wise enough to refuse negative advice from world bank or anybody once it's obvious to his human senses that such advise is not good for him and his people, you should know better.Do more home work on political speech, OBJ.

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I agree that the govenment of Jonathan has not been very forceful in the fight against Boko Haram.  But OBJ should have rather advised him rather than criticize him on the pages of newspaper.  In any case, they should settle their differences.


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