on Bin Laden children, wives arrested yesterday


I understood how the supporters of Bin Laden felt about his death, but prolong killings and revenge killings on one issue does not solve problem. it rather leave a long history of agony hatred and revenge for the kids and supporters of warring factions to inherit, of which at the end of the day brings untold hardship to everyone involved in such madness.


Followers of Bin Laden should lay down their arms and pursue peace, which is certain USA will support peace if Bin Laden armed followers’ shows sign of peace talk.

For the fact we all know that Islamic women in Middle Eastern countries mostly are not allowed to get involve in active politics except sitting at home cooking and serving the husband’s sexual need and breeding kids, it’s enough to let Bin Laden’s wife go as she may not have anything to do with her late husband world wide terrorist activities.

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We must right the wrong by what ever means , no matter what it takes, and those  involved .
Osama Bin Laden's family was really taken by the Americans but has been handed over to the Pakistan Government, that is now taking care of it, with a view to handing it over the the Saudi Arabia Government.


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